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Heroku Free Plans Are Dead… Here’s 2 Awesome Alternatives.

You can view the video version of this post here 👇 If you haven’t heard the news, Heroku is removing their free plan starting November 28, 2022. This is bad news for devs since a lot of tutorials courses and bootcamps rely on Heroku to deploy your app to the internet. Once the free tiers […]

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A Senior Developer’s Review of The Odin Project

If you want to know if the Odin Project is worth it from a Senior Software Engineer, this post is for you.

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Code Smarter; Use a Debugger

Do you find yourself writing print statements when fixing issues with your code? There is a much better way to proceed – let’s jump in and see how debuggers will save you precious time and energy.

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How to pick the best NPM packages

Picking the best NPM package is no easy task. In this post I’ll share 2 tips to help you pick the best NPM packages for your project.

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The 3 Best Full-Stack Hosting Platforms (2022)

Picking the best platform for hosting full-stack apps on a budget is hard. I’ve compiled the best full-stack Hosting Platforms platforms in this quick overview.

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Why Ruby On Rails Is Still Superior To JavaScript

The multitude of full-stack JS frameworks is overwhelming. Is Rails better for full-stack development?